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Annual Maintenance Schedule

Our full maintenance program offers services necessary in order to keep your home looking and feeling as good as the day you first moved in. The recommended frequency of each service will be listed in the description. Feel free to call or email us to sign up and secure your service slot. 





Interior Wood


An elevator inspection and servicing of all moving parts should be conducted once a year to insure smooth operation and safety. 

In order to preserve and protect high quality wood finishes oiling is recommended once a year. This service consists of cleaning and oiling wood finishes of all doors, door and window casings, baseboards and cabinets.


Exterior Paint / Stain

Exterior paint improves the appearance and protects your home from the elements. It is recommended that exterior paint or stain be reapplied every five to seven years in order to properly protect your homes exterior surfaces.   

Gutter Cleaning

Leaves and pine needles accumulate in rain gutters and need to be removed once to twice a year in order to maintain optimum performance of your gutter system. 


Roof Pine Needle Removal

Removing pine needles from the roof will improve the appearance of your home and is also a preventative step that reduces the risk of debris from accumulating in rain gutters.  This service removes all pine needles from your roof and should be preformed once a year. 

Window Cleaning

Clean windows ensure you get the most out of your view to the outdoors. Window cleaning service consists of cleaning both interior and exterior surfaces of all windows and is recommended once every year. 

Driveway Repair

Driveway repairs consist of filling cracks and applying sealant to prevent future cracking. It is recommended to complete this service once every year.   


Wood Deck & Railing Stain

Wood decks and railings need to be stained once a year to properly protect the wood against the elements. This service preserves your deck and maintains the quality appearance. 


Solar Panel Cleaning / Install

Solar panel cleaning improves both the appearance and efficiency of your panels. Cleaning of panels is recommended once a year. If you are interested in having panels installed on your home, please contact our office to discuss details.

Backup Generator Service / Install

Backup generators need to be serviced each year to insure optimum performance when you need it most. If you are interested in having a backup generator installed, call or email the office.



Acquiring enough firewood to get through the winter can be a daunting task. If you are interested in making this process easier, contact the office to make arrangements. 

Granite, Tile & Grout Sealing


Cracks in granite, tile and grout are caused by water penetrating the pours of the surfaces then expanding. In order to keep water out and prevent future damage it is recommended that these surfaces are sealed annually. 

HVAC Service

Heating and A/C units require annual maintenance in order to ensure optimal performance. A technician will inspect and service your units to ensure all parts are functioning properly. 

Grading for Drainage

Site grading is the process of modifying the elevation and slope of the soil to improve drainage issues around a home. 


Fireplace & Chimney Cleaning

A clean fireplace and chimney are essential to ensure safe operation. This service and inspection is recommended every year in order to reduce your risk of fire and smoke damage.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer ventilation systems are susceptible to lent blockage that can reduce efficiency and increase risk of fire. It is recommended that the cleaning of your dryer vent be done once a year. 

Carpet / Wood Floor Cleaning

Carpet cleaning frequency is dependent upon the amount of  foot traffic encountered  and is an individual preference. Wood floors may require yearly cleaning and sealing to preserve the life and appearance of the wood.  These services are available to you upon request. 

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